Empowering Rural India
Through Financial Inclusion

Ke Saathi

Chota Loan Bade Sapne


Digamber Finance has always believed that the right to financial freedom is not only a human right but also a right to justice for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Digamber Finance upholds the core values and mission to create new opportunities among strapped individuals in rural and semi-rural India because they are part of the unaccounted millions who contribute to the Indian economy through unorganised sectors.

Our mission is to defy conventional wisdom and establish a scalable, long-lasting, and profitable business that contributes to India's transformation. Scalability, Strength, and Source are the pillars that support every Digamber Finance product designed to empower individuals from every corner of India who wishes to start a small business, expand their existing business, and live a meaningful life.

We understand that scalability in the microfinance business is not possible without technology. We focus on bringing together the best industry practices, cutting-edge technologies, and time-and resource-saving strategies and even use artificial intelligence as our technology in the coming future.

We also understand that our strength lies in our experienced employees from different fields - our human capital strengthens our mission to empower change.

Every positive transformation needs a positive mindset, and our investors are the driving force behind the firm's solid fundamentals. They are also our source and help us build a strong cultural practice of a people-first approach and providing loans on the best terms.

We at Digamber Finance warmly welcome you to India's transformational journey.


Key Financial Highlights As on December 2023

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Understanding changing customer needs and supporting them financially through our collateral free loans

JLG Loan - Joint Liability Group

Joint Liability Group (JLG) is an informal group comprising preferably of 3 to 20 individuals for the purposes of availing loan either individually or through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee.

IML - Individual Micro Loans

Individual Micro Loans (IML) are purpose-based loans, which are facilitated to individuals to start new business or for expansion of existing business.



Sushila Devi, a resident of Bangaon, Fatehabad. His husband is a crop trader and because of the slowdown in business, his income was not sufficient enough to make a respectful living. Sushila ji sensed the need to support him financially and thus started her journey with Digamber Finance. 

She started her tailoring business with a loan amount of INR 20,000/- and parallelly started selling clothes also. Today, she receives full support from her husband and together they are yielding the profit of their hard work and determination.

Digamber Finance is glad to be part of their transformational journey.

-Small Loan Big Dreams-

Sushila Devi

Bangaon, Fatehabad


"If you don't take a step forward, you'll always be at the same place" and our customer Kavita Devi from Modipuram, Meerut who decided to keep progressing in life is inspiring many women in her village. She has been associated with Digamber Finance for almost 2 years and now is an owner of a grocery shop established by herself in order to become self-reliant and to support her family.

She always believes that she has been able to grow her business only because of the financial support that she got from Digamber Finance and this helped her quadruple her business.

We are happy to have played a role in her journey to independence.

-Small Loan Big Dreams-

Kavita Devi

Modipuram, Meerut


I express my gratitude to Digamber Finance for guiding me towards the right direction to earn a sustainable livelihood.

My name is Kulian Bala from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. I was looking for small capital to expand my business of selling milk but due to no collateral free loan options and lots of paperwork, I decided to put my dreams on hold.

That is when I came to know about Digamber Finance. Upon gathering sufficient & satisfactory information, I had decided to go ahead with them. The whole process was very seamless and I got all the loan related services at my doorstep. I am happy with the way my business is growing.

We wish Kulian Bala success in all her future endeavours.

-Small Loan Big Dreams-

Kulian Bala

Hoshiarpur, Punjab


Saroj Devi lives in a small village in Khatu Shyamji, Sikar. Post pandemic, her husband lost his job because of which it became difficult to meet the daily needs.

Saroj Devi came across a group of people in her neighbourhood from where she came to know about JLG Loan from Digamber Finance. She later approached a loan officer from Digamber Finance who explained her the whole JLG loan process. Saroj Devi along with her other acquaintances formed a group and started a business of selling suits and sarees.

Today the complete group earns a respectful earning and are able to contribute to their household income. Saroj Devi is optimistic and hopes to have a stable and better future.

-Small Loan Big Dreams-

Saroj Devi

Khatu Shyamji, Sikar


This is an inspiring story of one of our customers who had the courage to move out of her comfort zone. Meet Usha Devi Ji who has been living in Govati, Sikar with her family.

As her kids started growing up, it became difficult to meet the family expenses just with her husband’s income. Usha wanted to contribute to the household income but lacked funds to start any business. This is when she was introduced to Digamber Finance by her neighbours.

She availed a loan of INR 30,000/- and invested in a cosmetic item shop. The result of her efforts can be seen in their improved standard of living.

She believes that Digamber Finance played a pivotal role in her growth journey and agrees that Digamber Finance Sach May Sach Kare Sapne.

-Small Loan Big Dreams-

Usha Devi Ji

Govati, Sikar


Meet the key stakeholders who enable us to empower rural India with the finest and most innovative financial solutions. They play a key role in growing our business because it is their trust and loyalty that supports the development and financial strength of Digamber Finance over the long term.