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Financial Support

As a microfinance organisation, Digamber Finance's primary objective is to empower rural women by giving them the resources they need to start business ventures and contribute to the growing economy of India.

We put forth a lot of effort and ensure that every step we take is towards the goal of making an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” or “Self-Reliant India". 

For around 3 decades, Digamber Finance has been working relentlessly on products, especially for the lower income group, because dreams and aspirations don’t come with a price tag. We provide all loan-related services right at the doorsteps of our customers to make their life easier. 

Till date, Digamber Finance has empowered more than a million families, and our team works tirelessly to bring forth the best financial solutions for the rural parts of the country because we strongly believe that our dreams should not be limited by any financial limitations.

JLG Loan - Joint Liability Group

JLG Loan - Joint Liability Group is a group of 3-20 people (Women) of the same village or locality of homogenous nature and of the same socioeconomic background who mutually come together to form a group for the purpose of availing loan without any collateral.

IML - Individual Micro Loans

Our Individual Micro Loans help integrate the underserved and unserved segments with our loan services. These loans are designed to provide solutions to the underprivileged who don’t have access to formal credit so that the to meet your diverse needs.

JLG Loan IML Loan
Borrower Women only Both
Members Min: 03, Max: 20 Min: 01, Max: 01
Loan Amount INR 23,000/- to INR 70,000/- INR 60,000/- to INR 1,00,000/-
Loan Term 20 - 30 EMI 18 - 30 EMI
Minimum Interest Rate p.a. (ROI) 26.00% 25.00%
Maximum Interest Rate p.a. (ROI) 27% 30.00%
Average Interest Rate p.a. (ROI) 26.50% 27.50%
Processing Fee 1.0 % + GST 2% + GST
Insurance Charge Actual Actual


Centre Creation

The process begins with identifying potential areas and identifying


e-KYC is the process of electronically verifying the authenticity of

Credit Evaluation

We check customers credit history by using High Mark Process.

House Visit

A Relationship Officer/Branch Manager conducts a house visit at every

Loan Sanction

The customers who clear all the above stages becomes eligible for the

GRT (Group Recognition Test)

The GRT is conducted by the Branch Manager and during 

Loan Disbursement

Credit Team checks bank details of all the members and post verification

Collection Management

Relationship officer will collect the EMI according to the centre